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Das wichtigste Projekt für Areva ist der neue europäische Druckwasserreaktor EPR. Der EPR soll die französischen und deutschen Druckwasserreaktorlinien zusammenführen und galt als ein Schlüsselprojekt für eine . Energieerzeugungsanlagen tätig ist. Sein bei weitem größtes Geschäftsfeld ist dabei die Nukleartechnik. Der Konzern ist im Besitz des französischen Staates: der Anteile .

Varin also becomes an EDF executive board member. Here are the top Ceo profiles at Areva on LinkedIn. Get all the articles, experts , jobs, and insights you need. CORYS capabilities in complex system modelling, advanced digital human machine interfaces, augmented reality and the benefit of simulation for system . Areva would meet the fuel requirements through its . The Paris Agreement is important for climate for sure,” he said on the sidelines of the Atomexpo forum in Moscow on . Recommend to a friend.

AREVA CEO Philippe Knoche.

VP-Human Resources Isabelle Coupey, VP-Investor Rel. Anne Lauvergeon, CEO Gerald Arbola, COO Alain Pierre-Raynau CFO Philippe Vivien, Sr. Pierre Aubouin, CFO of Areva , says the nuclear industry is not in crisis and expects the install base to. Areva has announced its former president and CEO , Luc Oursel, has died.

Oursel resigned last month due to health reasons, but noted he will remain available in order to ensure the best possible transition. In a press statement Areva said: “All of our thoughts are with his wife, his children and his family. Mike Rencheck has left his job as CEO of Areva Inc. Charlotte to take a post with parent corporation Areva SA. Mignogna has been with Areva for years, having started his career in . We are very fortunate to have the CEO of Areva with us today.

He previously worked for . Areva chief executive Luc Oursel has announced that he had stepped down for health reasons, more than three years after he was appointed as head. For more details or to book a place, please contact. Applying High Fashion to Nuclear Power “To make its case, Areva is embarked on a global marketing campaign that takes as much from the fashion industry as it does from the grubbier world of electricity production. Jacques Besnainou, the CEO of U. It is the first time the .

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