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In the first hours after launch, Mosaic nearly sold out its entire inventory of solar power crowdfunding projects, raising $22000. Regionally based finance experts dedicated to scaling solar businesses and their finance needs. Short-term working capital loans to finance inventory, payment plans and project construction to suit your needs. Access efficient diligence, repeat loans and advanced monitoring . The record breaking project that raised 1.

The model it operates under is fairly simple: . Solar power is going intergalactic. The marriage—no doubt blessed by Elon Musk, the entrepreneur at the . Crowdfund solar panels. Save on energy bills. Invest your savings into a community cause. WE provide energy audits and INDEPENDENT solar advice to ensure you get the right solution every time (including energy efficiency).


A GLOBALLY RECOGNISED LEADER IN CROWDFUNDING. The platform allows investments for solar PV projects across UK with returns of an average of percent and percent electricity saving per annum which approximately saves 12. Finally, I can invest in renewable energy. Are you looking to post or invest in a renewable energy project or cleantech venture? Welcome to the GridShare Marketplace.

GridShare enables everyday people to invest in renewable energy projects and cleantech companies. Project Type, Country, Investment . TRINE connects people with a dispensable income to solar power entrepreneurs with the aim to help the 1. KG auf der Plattform Econeers einen neuen Rekord aufgestellt. People in off-grid communities pay much more for energy, often of a poorer quality.

Success shines on Bristol Energy Cooperative (BEC) as it smashes its £2m solar bond crowdfunding target. BEC thanks its investors from the local area and all over the UK, who have helped it reach this impressive sum, which will . Pioneering startups like Mosaic are changing how we finance renewable energy. We have raised over $4. Million dollars through crowdfunding and we are halfway to our goal!

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We ordered our specialized particle accelerator and . The president noted that it is now a bigger business than coal, and typically pays its workers a higher wage. Now a Colorado-based startup, Wunder . Now, your nonprofit can get the funding it needs to finance its clean energy project and start saving money . Kickstarter for solar ”–a solar installation crowdfunding platform. We aim to create a world free of energy poverty by enabling people to make money whilst doing good.

The event was held in the Villa Mediterranee Marseille, and gathered more than one hundred participants. The conference was raising expectations in the .