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Wer mit ihm spricht, bekommt ein beklemmendes Gefühl: Der Mann könnte recht haben. Keith ist Kanadier, Anfang 5 hager, freundlich und naturverbunden – nicht gerade der Typ, der normalerweise Hass auf sich zieht. Moore, Jolene Lin, Penehuro F. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and.

There is a prudent case for an international, transparent, and sustainable solar geoengineering research programme that includes field experiments with appropriate governance.

We welcome debate on the merits of such a research programme. Technology and policy of solar geoengineering. David Keith is professor of applied physics and professor of . He was among the first to seriously assess potential ways of altering the climate to ease global . For slowing global warming, and giving humanity time to bring greenhouse gas emissions down to zero (and eventually past zero with carbon capture), he favors the form of “solar radiation management ” . Keith is, in my opinion, the epitome of what is wrong with an unfortunately high percentage of the scientific community.

There is extreme arrogance without a shred of oversight or accountability. In so many cases there is absolutely no .

Harvard University scientists are planning an experiment to test aspects of geoengineering , a method of artificially cooling the climate by purposely altering the atmosphere and natural ecosystems. Scientists borrowed the idea from nature: earlier volcanic eruptions have cooled . Governing Geoengineering Research. Some legal and diplomatic initiatives are under way.

The Harvard scholar is . Toward a Responsible Solar Geoengineering Research Program. A combination of greenhouse-gas emission cuts and solar . Injecting sulfate aerosol into the stratosphere, the most frequently analyzed proposal for solar geoengineering , may reduce some climate risks, but it would also entail new risks, including ozone loss and heating of the lower tropical . Its proponents tout solar . Pasztor was the chief advisor on climate to former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. He has entered the once-marginalized . Die Erde erwärmt sich, allen Klimakonferenzen zum Trotz.

Eines stellt Keith auf der Konferenz in Berlin klar: Geoengineering sei das noch nicht. Auch Experimente in der Umwelt wie das von Keith überschreiten für Fuhr eine rote Linie – sie könnten ein Einfallstor bieten, dass Geoengineering im großen . NAS report concluded that deploying geoengineering now would be “ irrational and irresponsible”, it was broadly supportive of public research to improve “understanding of the physical potential and technical feasibility of geoengineering approaches”. At the forefront of this research is David W. Frank Keutsch, a professor of atmospheric sciences at Harvard who is designing and running the Scopex experiments with Keith , told me: “This effort with David is very different from all my .