A consuntivo si conferma di grande successo meglio di così non si sarebbe potuto fare, confermando e mantenendo il nostro vantaggio competitivo globale. I numerosi prototipi di ricerca del passato, con la loro . The event, attended by many representatives of industry, finance and the media, . In the “Stem” configuration the wing pull the cables that, through a pulley system, activate the alternators on groun which in turn produce electricity. When cables are entirely unwoun the wing is guided to a position where it looses its wind resistance and the cables are wound in.

The vertical axis orientation of the rotation is intended to eliminate the static and dynamic problems that prevent the increase in size of conventional wind turbines.

The prototype STEM yo-yo is under construction . Zl_tqnsN_Tc Ähnliche Seiten 06. It is all italian and it will. The kitegen concept: high altitude wind power based on kites.

In this configuration (stem), the kite reaches. Two high-strength ropes connect the wing to . Energy is the greatest world issue. High Altitude Wind is the greatest renewable resource. According to the research team behind the company, jet stream winds that blow at high altitudes are still unexplored as wind energy sources, and they could help .

View Slideshow Researchers in Italy have high hopes for a new wind-power generator that resembles a backyard drying rack on steroids. The simplest design is their yo-yo configuration, where a kite is controlled by two tether lines. During the traction phase, the kite is flown in continuous power strokes in a figure-eight-like pattern and pulls on . When the cables are completely unwound the production phase ends, the cables are reeled in to start another production phase.

Новое изобретение в сфере ветровой энергетики обещает поднять ее на новую высоту. The system uses high altitude, large-winged kites which the company claims can . KiteGen merely links them. The system could also provide wind -based power in areas where traditional wind farms are impractical . They were depressing things to be talking about, a blast of fresh air is called for. Some of the most powerful (and energy-dense) winds on Earth are literally out of reach of conventional wind turbines, but one wind power startup aims to harvest energy from them with giant kites and some yo-yo action.

Lo stesso meccanismo è stato applicato a un progetto innovativo tutto italiano che sfrutta la forza del vento per produrre energia pulita. Quello che si vede è parte della struttura di supporto del kitegen che contiene i generatori e le pulegge. Piano, piano, si dovrebbe arrivare a qualcosa come questo che vedete qui sotto. Benefits of this communication system is exceptional!

The long awaited baseload wind power! The mission is to develope, finance and buid kitegen powerstations in Austria. Use the PitchBook Platform to explore the full company profile.