Lester hendershot

He stumbled across a method of generating energy. Der Bastler Lester J. This is the story of another inventor who died before his ideas were completely understood or accepted by scientists and society. Ed Skilling recounts his meetings with Lester J. Hendershot , the inventor, and his .

From the Archives of Lester J. HENDERSHOT STORY TOLD BY MARK M. Lester was an inventor and in his many attempts at producing practical items, he had a moderate success a few. Nikola Tesla and Henry Moray were inventors who actually designed and built machinery that tapped into the free energy of space and harnessed it to drive electric motors, operate radios, and light electric light bulbs. He accidentally discovered the free energy provided by the universe and manage.

The Hubbard energy transformer By Gaston Butridge The mysterious device was said to turn radio-active rays directiy into electricity — and run big motors. This free energy myth has been recurring for decades now.

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He lived in North Rose, NY when he married my grandmother . Louis to make that historic flight. Henry Moray aus den USA und allen voran Nicolai Tesla ein gebürtiger Jugoslawe sollen diese Energie bereits vor langer Zeit nutzbar gemacht und mit speziellen Geräten in elektrische Energie umgewandelt haben. Schon in grauer Vorzeit war der Äther . It was a huge success for the united states and for Lindbergh.

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