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His invention of the microprocessor spurred a series of technological breakthroughs—desktop computers, local and wide area networks, enterprise software, and the Internet— that . This article provides a small part of my broader exploration of information technology and business strategy contained in the book Does IT Matter ? Nicholas Carr vertritt überwiegend kritische und pessimistische Thesen in Bezug auf die Auswirkungen der Digitalisierung auf die Gesellschaft. This shining example of the power of the pen must be working miracles . MÜNCHEN (CW) – Ein Artikel in der Harvard Business Review (HBR) vom sorgte mit seinen provozierenden Thesen für Aufruhr in der IT-Branche. Autor Nicholas Carr erklärte, die IT bringe keine Wettbewerbsvorteile mehr.

His argument is based on the assumption that in the early days companies could get a strategic advantage, but that nowadays IT cannot give those advantages anymore. The paper argued that IT was being commoditize and thus offered little hope of sustained competitive advantage. Consequently, most firms should . He examines the evolution of IT and argues that it follows a pattern very similar to that of earlier . Are we spending too much on technology?

This provocative Harvard Business Review excerpt suggests that IT no longer conveys competitive advantage, so invest your capital elsewhere. Carr called information technology managers impatient, . Nicholas Carr has foisted an existentialist debate on the mighty information- technology industry. Sun does matter ,” Mr McNealy seemed to be arguing, or even “I still matter.

For those who may have missed it or might welcome a reminder, the central point of the essay, written by Nicholas G. Carr , then editor at large of HBR and. Read all parts of the article carefully. Here, a virtual roundtable of IT experts rebuts his.

He provided a great service by focusing the . With Letters to the Editor. A list of related materials, with annotations to guide further. The Idea in Practice—putting the idea to work. In the following article, originally published in the edition of the Harvard Business Review, . Presented by Study Team Gold.

Ted Hoff, Intel Engineer, discovered a way to put circuits for computer processing on a silicon chip. Doesn ‘ t Matter ,” published in the May. Technology has become the backbone to operational excellence, . An article by Nicholas G. Carr published in the Harvard Business Review in.

The title changed to a question in the. Even though the name of his newest book, Does IT matter ? Beitrag für den harvard Business review1. T mit anderen Schlüsseltechnologien, die nachhaltige veränderungen der wirtschaft ausgelöst haben.

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