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Det var Akiko Fong, der fandt denne pin.

Find (og gem) dine egne pins på Pinterest. The medieval warrior, realizing the consequences of his impulsive act, immediately approached the owner of the drone and offered to pay for the damage. The owner of the drone was so impressed by the brilliant attack that he suggested organizing a competition for bringing down “dragons” with short . Life in Norilsk is extremely harsh. The city lies in the continuous permafrost zone, where temperature drops to -degrees centigrade in the winter.

Between November and January, for a period of seven weeks, there is no sun. Reblogged years ago from andrewneidhardt (Originally from peterfromtexas ). First, they could be hit by something. Adolf Hitler and Geli Raubal. They were rumored to be romantically involved from when she was until her suicide when she was 2. Heart surgeon after 23-hour (successful) long heart transplantation.

His assistant is sleeping in the corner. Eintrag von inauxst gerebloggt. YOUR FUCKING PACKAGE HAS ARRIVED Source: meme whore from Imgur tagged as Fucking Meme.

The most iconic club in history had not even celebrated its first year, and it had already become a “living legend”. Dramatic imagery shows the extent of the damage following the landslide on January in Tramin- an-der-Weinstrasse, in Alto Adige in northern Italy – a German speaking part of the country.