Solarmax 2

Now, the war for the galaxy has begun. You must win every battle. Colonize planets, build hundreds of . Send fleets of starships and engage in battle to colonise enemy planets.

Краткое описание: стратегия.

Command our fleet and lead us to victory. The battle for Earth is over. Steam Workshop: Greenlight. Take control of neighboring planets and destroy your enemies!

Send units to a planet before your enemies (or in greater numbers) to take it and make a new base able to produce resources and increase your population. В этой логической стратегии вам надо захватывать планеты своей атмосферой, постарайтесь захватить как можно больше планет, прежде чем это сделает противник. It seems like a singleplayer RTS streamlined so aggressively that the game was sanded right off.

If your pretty little lights stay on an unoccupied . Oder finde mehr Online Strategiespiele zum Spielen auf Spiele-Umsonst. Play all NBPlaylist ♫Nightblue3. These really are nitpicking complaints, as the game is still great to play, and I keep finding myself coming back to it again and again. Something that might be worth adding to . Move your soldiers between planets and try to gain control over each planet. If you like this game, you can also take a look at . Your population is growing so fast and now as a result your home planet cannot sustain it.

Top Games Super Smash Flash Demo V0. Fairy Tail Vs One Piece 1. DBZ Ultimate Power Anime Battle 3. Bleach Vs Naruto Ski Safari Crazy Zombie Unlocked Machinarium (Full Version) Dragon Ball Z: Goku vs Majin Buu. The galactic war continues! Deploy starships to conquer planets and wipe out enemies throughout the galaxy.

The larger the planet, the faster it will produce units. Includes 10mm Blocking Filter.

Sun in hydrogen-alpha (Ha) light. Used around the world by serious solar. Het is een van onze vele Actie spelletjes. El objetivo del juego es conquistar la galaxia controlando tu ejército.

Haz click sobre tu base y envía tropas suficientes para colonizar otros planetas. Solar Telescope with sub 0. Der Frontfilter hat mm Durchmesser und bietet Angström Bandbreite. Mit dabei ist ein 15- mm-Blockfilter. A batalha pelo sistema solar continua. Comande sua frota estelar na guerra contra as tiranas forças inimigas.

Fique atento para movimentar parte de suas naves nos momentos certos, para não deixar a vantagem territorial e numérica ir para seu adversário.