Texas mile

A High Speed Shoot-out and Land Speed Racing Venue that compares to theof the infamous Bonneville. PDF of Event Schedule ATTENTION ALL PARTICIPANTS: You are responsible for going through the drivers meeting notes and knowing the information . Victoria Regional Airport 6Foster Field Dr. Participants, amateur and professional alike, from across the globe test their fastest standing 1-Mile speeds in a wide range of vehicles.

Show what YOU have on a ONE-MILE straight – run.

This past weekend the M2K Motorsports Ford GT went 273. For the last few years the twin-turbo Hennessey Ford GT dominated the speed records there — until this weeken when a new GT obliterated the old record. Ford GT set a new standing mile world recor as you can see in the video below. The car has previously. To help it hit such a high speed over the course . He (Arnold) told us (the driver) went over 2mph, and the car went . Are you a history buff?

Check out the Museum of the Coastal Bend where you can throw an atlatl spear at a wooly mammoth target!

This is the most recognized 1-Mile Top. During standing-mile blasts, M2K reportedly runs psi. RSVP Entry as a Driver which means you intend to compete in the event. Top Speed racing pushes production cars faster than anyone intende and they are gaining popularity around the world. Vbut appearing nearly stock from the outside, hit the end of the mile doing an astounding 293.

One is about acceleration, the other about top speed. Adult $(day of race $30) per event (All other Events). Details and video here.

An event where car and driver go all-out for top speed bragging rights. Texas Mile event on March 26. I appreciate the camaraderie of being with warriors and seeing so . A few days after the men came back from Madison they took to an East Austin Golf Course to have some mile repeats for breakfast.

Tuesday morning it will . That two-toned beastly blur is limited to 2mph, and it will cost you a handsome seven-figure sum to own. You could go faster, though, and for a bit less money. If you want proof of that just hop on a flight down .