Tyler seguin trade

At the time of the trade , Fraser was bouncing between the NHL and AHL and had the chance for a fresh start in Boston. The return for Seguin was underwhelming at the time and the potential for a . Did you hear the Bruins are buying out Jimmy Hayes? Go that trade sucke huh?

It was the worst, but do you know what else sucked?

There can never be enough bashing of the Seguin trade . Despite being picked No. As such, Seguin was . Loui Eriksson walked in free agency, Matt Fraser was waive Joe Morrow was not qualified and Smith was traded for Hayes. And now Hayes, who was the last remnant of the haul for Seguin, has been bought . Dallas in a blockbuster trade , a team source confirmed Thursday.

Tyler Seguin has come a long way in just two years.

Also headed to Dallas are Rich Peverley and defensive prospect Ryan Button. The Bruins receive left wing Loui Eriksson, young NHL forwards Reilly Smith and Matt . This much was true regardless of what the Bruins chose to do with defenseman Joe Morrow, of course. Simple, reprehensible and terrible trades that negatively impacted both franchises both in the short term and long term.

They decided to revisit one of the most controversial trades in NHL history: The Phil Kessel Trade. Seguin, at the time of the trade , was coming off three seasons with the Boston Bruins. What a MONUMENTAL blunder by the Bru. The Montreal Canadiens have been out of the NHL Playoffs for a few days, and the rumor mill is already in full swing.

Fans are expecting a fire sale with a major shakeup to the roster. Carey Price is the Habs most valuable trade chip. With one year remaining on his $6. Hall was considered a winner before he came to . Seguin, certainly, have been changed to be able to Dallas inside the . There are two things you should know about the NHL: That US Thanksgiving is the cutoff date for securing playoff position and that.

Tuukka Rask has returned as the. Here, we look back at the trade to determine which team got the better deal.

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